Arizona Business Council for Alcohol Education

ABC is the first company to be certified by the DLLC and to offer CERTIFIED Liquor Law Training in the State of Arizona.

ABC is a nonprofit organization whose training personnel has had previous employment and direct experience with the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control.

Jesus Altamirano upon his retirement of 12 years with the Arizona department of liquor licenses and control and a 22 year law enforcement career made the decision to share his expertise by training in the area of Title 4 liquor laws. 
Jesus is a highly respected individual among the alcohol industry, as well as in the community. He was the recipient of the Howard Adams Memorial Award in 2002 for exemplary service to state government, as well as being recognized both locally and nationally for his service to state government. During Jesus’s excellent academic career, he attained a Bachelors degree in Business Administration, a Master of Education and recently obtained his Doctorate in Organizational Studies with an emphasis in curriculum. As a police officer of 22 years, Jesus maintains his membership of the Fraternal Order of Police. Jesus is also an AZ P.O.S.T. certified Police officer, and an AZ P.O.S.T. Instructor.

Danny Thomas  retired from the Arizona Department of Liquor Control after nearly 20 years of service. During his tenure, he was for 15 years the only liquor control agent stationed in Northern Arizona. Danny retired in June of 2007 as a Senior Special Investigator. Danny is also a ‘Certified Public Manager” and has the distinction of being the only person at the Department of Liquor to attain this accreditation.
Danny has been able to bring his expertise to the liquor industry which has and will continue to benefit many licensees and employees for years to come. He has spent an incredible 33 years in the law enforcement field and is a past president of a Fraternal Order of Police Lodge in Southern Arizona and also organized and was president of the Arizona Liquor Police Officers’ Association when he retired in 2007 for the Arizona Department of Liquor.

 Ted Kuhn is a retired Arizona Department of Liquor Control Chief Investigator. He has 33 years Arizona law enforcement experience and has been teaching Arizona Liquor Laws since 1974.

Rob Robinson is a 26 year veteran of the Phoenix Police Department; retiring at the rank of Lieutenant. During Rob’s career, he worked most every aspect of law enforcement including DUI enforcement as a motorcycle officer, detective in the fatal traffic investigation unit and patrol. As a command officer, Rob’s assignments included commander of the Robbery, Homicide and Street Narcotic units. Rob received many awards during his career and was recognized by the Mayor of Phoenix for supervision of the Baseline Killer and Serial Shooter investigations. Rob has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and is a graduate of the prestigious Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Drug Commander Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Rob is fully retired now spends his time between homes in Phoenix and Rocky Point, Mexico.


Amanda Townsend is a nineteen year veteran and third-generation bar owner. Having literally been raised in the business, she has personally experienced many of the significant changes to Arizona liquor Laws and liquor-serving practices. As co-owner and manager of 2 nightclubs for the past 10 years, Amanda has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that she is looking forward to sharing others in the industry.

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